Women Health

Address:   80 McCormicks Road    Skye VIC 3977

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Women’s health covers antenatal care, breast cancer awareness, contraception, endometriosis, female sexual problems, menopause, ovarian cancer, pap smear, period problems, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Vaginal problems. Both Dr. Zhong-Mei Liu and Dr. Ambreen Memon are Frankston Hospital accredited antenatal care service providers.

Dr Zhong-Mei Liu 

We provide consultation services from teenagers for menses to mid-age women for


  1. Contraception pills consultation and management
  2. Periods problem
  3. Pregnancy care 
  4. Post natal care
  5. Breast care 
  6. Menopause
  7. Long term contraception, implant insertion and removal
  8. IUD consultation and arrangement
  9. Pap smear 
  10. Oval peos endorsement 
  11. Sexual health problems, STD check and arrangement